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We run through a few extra iPhone 5S tips which are best combined with our comprehensive iOS 7 tips roundup to ensure you are enjoying your iPhone 5S to the full.

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The iPhone 5s, on the other hand, cements a consistent pattern for Apple. The company has shown no intentions of reinventing the wheel (or, the phone) every year. Instead, they seem content doing so every other year, with the in.

Feb 1, 2018. iPhone SE vs iPhone 5S: Comparing Apple's two 4-inch phones. What's the. Video – iPhone SE in 90 seconds: All you need to know.

The iPhone 5C is colorful, fast, light, and — if not exactly cheap — at least cheaper than Apple’s new flagship iPhone 5S. But the faster, more brainy, more beefy, and significantly-better picture-snapping iPhone 5S is killing the iPhone.

Thankfully there are an array of battery-boosting cases available for the iPhone line. iPhone 5, 5s, 5c & 4s owners who want to prolong their battery life should check out these awesome battery cases. Our top pick for the best battery case.

Learn more. Apple iPhone 5S 16 GB Verizon, Space Gray. by Apple. $86.49 (38 used & new offers). iPhone 5S Screen Protector,iPhone SE Screen Protector,[2 Pack].

That means you, too, iPhone 5s owners. So your phone is now two generations old. That must mean it’s time to retire it, right? "The iPhone 5s should run well on iOS 9 [Apple’s latest mobile operating system update]," says Louis Ramirez,

Use this guide to bring life back to your iPhone 5s with a new battery. Before you begin, drain your iPhone's battery below 25% charge. This will minimize the risk.

Apple introduces the iPhone 5S with a fingerprint reader, and its iOS 7 operating system update will prevent wiping without knowing the user’s credentials. Apple added two new iPhones to its lineup Sept. 10: the iPhone 5C, a colorful.

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Apple today unveiled the new 4-inch iPhone SE, with many of the innards of the 6s that came out back in September. But in doing so, the company has also stopped advertising the iPhone 5s.

Choose your new iPhone 5s with a great Pay monthly bundle on our dependable 4G network. Find out why it's not just bigger, but better in every way.

Apple has just announced the release of the iPhone 5s (what’s new?). One of its biggest USPs is it’s the first phone to include a 64-bit processor. “Great! What does that mean for me?” You ask. Well we’re here to explain. In the shortest of.

For those who missed the opportunity to download Flappy Bird before the takedown, worry no more. Individuals are happily taking their devices, like an iPhone 5S with the downloaded. Users want to beat their own score and learn.

iPhone 6S: Frequently asked questions. To learn about the newest version, see iPhone X. You can also get the iPhone 6 for $99 or the iPhone 5S for free with.

Apple®iPhone® 5s – Gold 16GB. (62). Go to www.apple.com/iphone-5s/specs/ for a complete set. Things We Want You To Know (Disclaimer).

Jan 4, 2018. Wondering if your iPhone 5s will work on another carrier network? View this guide and find out what carriers your Phone 5 can and cannot work.

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Apr 4, 2014. Get the most out of one of the best camera phones in the world, the iPhone 5s. Photography · Learn these skills now with a free 1-month trial.

Learn how to force reboot iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch quickly. This method works for iPhone 6S, SE, 6, 5S, 5, 5C, 4S, 4, iPod and all iPad models.

“Apple’s new iPhone 5s is the feastest smartphone yet tested, according to benchmarks,” Sarmistha Acharya reports.

See all of Bell’s interactive how-tos, tutorials and guides for your Apple-iPhone-5s. Get help with device setup, troubleshooting and more.

Mar 28, 2018  · Learn how to set up and use Touch ID, a fingerprint identity sensor that makes it easy for you. *You can use Touch ID with an iPhone 5s or later.

Read more in the full article here. MacDailyNews Note: The Atlantic Wire offers “Everything You Need to Know About.

Apple’s brand-new 64-bit iPhone 5S is faster than the Phone 5 in unlocking, booting, and running benchmarks. but.

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Aug 10, 2017. Go to Settings > Music > EQ, and check "Late Night." That'll give your iPhone's speakers a little extra punch. Try it with music playing and hear.

Sep 25, 2013  · More than three years after it first launched is the iPhone 5S worth buying second. iPhone 8. Living with the iPhone 5S. to those too busy to learn.

Discover how to take incredible iPhone photos that everyone adores and that you’re proud to look at years later. iPhone photography tips and tutorials.

Apple, as anticipated, introduced two new iPhones—the colorful iPhone 5C and a flagship iPhone 5S—at a Sept. 10 press event on its Cupertino, Calif., campus. Both phones will be available Sept. 20, and the iPhone 5C can be.

Sep 17, 2013. The iPhone 5s improves the smartphone camera experience enough. that keeps the advances of machine learning out of reach from many.

Watch video · Get the most out of your new iPhone or iPad. Learn to make calls, Now, let’s get started with iOS 7: iPhone and iPad Essential Training. (iPhone 5s…

The Apple iPhone SE is the most. Apple iPhone® SE Support. Verizon Wireless Support helps you better understand your. Karat Case for iPhone 5/5s/SE. $49.99.

Sep 20, 2013. I've just gotten my hands on the iPhone 5s, and will be spending the weekend with it as I. Okay, we know the iPhone 5s is going to be fast.

May 5, 2016. The LAPD recently hacked into an iPhone 5s involved in a very public. Be sure to learn all the security measures available on the phone, and.

But rumors suggest the iPhone 5S may add an expanded 2.0 aperture, in comparison to the 2.4 aperture of the iPhone 5C camera. Both the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C are expected to launch with the redesigned iOS 7, although some.

In fact, the iPhone SE is the same size as the iPhone 5S. I am convinced the phone uses the same chassis. Apple has added a matte finish to edge of the frame to give it a subtle differentiator. Also, the two phones — set almost two-and-a.

We uncover the top tips, tricks and secret features of the iPhone 5S.

Apple iPhone 5s price, specs, NDTV's Rating, Apple mobile phone review at NDTV. Do You Know What Vitamin Y Is? Celebrity Nutritionist Reveals Everything.

Learn how to use the task manager and free up memory on the Apple iPhone 5s. On this page: Manage memory Task manager View free memory Manage.

iPhone 6S: Frequently asked questions. To learn about the newest version, see iPhone X. You can also get the iPhone 6 for $99 or the iPhone 5S for free with.

Go to Settings > General > Software Update. Devices eligible to upgrade include.

Sep 5, 2017. While it's true that there will be three new iPhone models unveiled at. when the iPhone 5s did away with the icon that was always painted on.

I have used iphone 5s and i am currently using iphone 6 so maybe i can provide you an. Zorin Frank, Knows almost everything you need to know about iPhone.

It's no secret that Apple has just unveiled its latest devices, the iPhone 5s and 5c, and while. Switching from iPhone to Android: Everything you need to know.

iPhone 5S repair service by certified technicians. We have low prices and fast turnaround. iPhone 5S screen replacement service as well. Learn more here.

Oddly enough, some Apple iPhone 5S owners are reporting BSoD errors, though they’re a little different from the ones you may remember seeing on Windows desktops. Rather than spit out an obscure error code with a generic description,

I discovered that the iPhone 5S touchID sensor works for my dog too. Funny thing is it only works for the paw I programmed in, just like with a fingerprint.

Just got a new iPhone? There’s lots to learn. Do These 12 Things First. Touch ID is the fingerprint scanner built into the Home button on the iPhone 5S,

The iPhone 5s is the latest device to get the teardown treatment from iFixit, after the company opened up the flagship Apple smartphone to reveal the technology that lies within. The most significant addition is Touch ID, the new fingerprint.

With Apple launching the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C in India today, Citibank has announced a 10 percent cashback offer exclusively for its credit card holders. This offer is valid on purchase of a bran With Apple launching the iPhone 5S and.

May 1, 2018. Take a look at the best iPhone 5S deals and prices around to see why. Learn More. Today's best unlocked iPhone 5S prices to buy SIM free.

Then, last year, a reprieve: iOS 10 ran pretty well on the iPhone 5 and 5C, slowing the phone down just a little but remaining totally livable in spite of it. And now we come to iOS 11 and the iPhone 5S. machine learning APIs,

Get Apple iPhone 5s support for the topic: Charge the Battery. Find more. Note: Learn what to do if your device doesn't charge when you plug it in. When your.

Sep 25, 2015  · So you bought the new iPhone. Whether you’re jumping to Apple for the first time or upgrading from an iPhone 5S, you could probably benefit from learning the features, tips, and tricks that will.